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We've stocked Amana Router bits for years. They are top tier bits with excellent carbide and machining. For a variety of reasons, they never really caught on in our store. So it is time to move on. Click on this link Amana Closeouts to learn more.

We will ship these anywhere in the United States. Shipping by Priority Mail and handling charges will be applied. No returns will be allowed. I do not intend to rigorously maintain the page as product is sold, so call for availability.

New Products

Bench Dog Ultra Push-Bloc

Ok, you say, It's a push block. That's not very sexy.

Wait until you pick one up and try it. I've never used a push block that works as well (or works at all, for that matter).

Come in today and check out this excellent new product from Bench-Dog, makers of great tools. You'll find it right at the front of the store next to Rockler's Bench Cookies

Imperial Blade MMT340 Storm

This blade out-lasts the Fein bi-metal 3:1 and costs 40% less.
Click on the image to see the video

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