Silicone Glue Brush

This is a Ken's Picks

Ken's Picks

Rockler 45624 Silicone Glue Brush This is our best selling Rockler item since they introduced Bench Cookies. And of course the price is right to buy several.

Here are a couple of reviews for these glue brushes:

My favorite from Amazon:

Four Stars
The Rockler Silicone Glue Brush works great. I have been using it for about two months now. I have built in two walls of library, with forty shelves, all from scratch - meaning I have been gluing up a storm. The brush made it very easy to get an even layer of glue across the various wood pieces, as good or better than using the finger that has been working since I was a kid (over forty years of use from the index finger, I will let you know if the brush lasts as long). The best part of the brush is that I don't have to keep wiping and washing glue off my finger. The brush is easy to clean, the dried glue just breaks off of the flat side of the brush, and crumbles out of the brush side. There is some residual glue left inside the brush side that does not seem to adversely affect the use. Overall, great product that is reasonably priced. Torch.

From Rockler:

Five Stars
I just used the Silicone Glue-Tool to glue up some hardwood faces on some plywood shelves. I used Gorilla Glue and, after I let it set for about 30 minutes, it peeled right off!

Glue Tool before and after:
Before and after

Related Item:

Rockler Glue Brush Set This is a great follow up to the silicone glue brush. The spreader applies an even coat to large surfaces easily.

Glue Brush Set

These are made of the same material as the glue brush, so the glue will peel or wash off easily.

Titebond Glue is the best wood glue Titebond Glue. There is no substitute for bonding two peices of wood.

The Best Glue:

In test after test, Titebond glue has been found to be the best glue for joining wood to wood on the market. I use Titebond II where open time is not important and the glue line needs to be invisible. I use Titebond III where I need a waterproof joint (cutting boards), and a brown glue line is acceptable

Bench Cookies Our best selling product ever. If your wood woodworker doesn't already have a set, this is the best.
Package of four for

These are on sale!

Oh! And I have a few of the old model without the threaded inserts!

Push Block The best push block ever!

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