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Innovative New-ish Products

Rockler's new Dust Right® Universal Small Port Hose Kit is an award winning product that you will want for your shop.

Rockler's new Bandy Clamps are, perhaps the most useful innovation of 2015. Buy two, you'll buy another six.

Bench Dog Push-Bloc

Bench Dog Ultra Push-Bloc

Ok, you say, It's a push block. That's not very sexy.

Wait until you pick one up and try it. I've never used a push block that works as well (or works at all, for that matter).

Come in today and check out this excellent new product from Bench-Dog, makers of great tools. You'll find them in the safety aisle and on an end-cap in the Rockler area.

A sampling of Rockler's innovative products

Rockler Bandy Clamps
Dust Right® Universal Small Port Hose Kit
Rockler Bench Cookies
Rockler Silicone Glue Brush

On Sale Now

Rockler Router Table

Rockler's new router table is packed with great features.

  • "T"-track miter slot,
  • "T"-track next to the miter slot for feather boards,
  • "T"-tracks on the fence,
  • Thick HPL table top,
  • Very heavy stand.


Festool Cordless Drill Myth?

Watch this guy abuse his Festool cordless drill/driver, violating the entire Festool warranty. And, at then end, it still works as well as new.


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