The Ultimate Push-Block

This is a Ken's Picks

Ken's Picks

Push BlockThe best push-block ever!
(I keep saying that, don't I?)

All too often, we risk our most important assets because our safety equipment is not adequate to the task. Who among us has not pushed a twisted plank past the jointer knives with just our hands? A small piece through the router? The tablesaw? The reason is often that we cannot find a push-block that will grip the wood. (I can't help you with, "I cannot find my push-block.")

Bench Dog has solved this problem. They have lined a heavy push-block with Rockler's Bench Cookie material. It sticks to the wood, keeping your hands safe. Now, go put on some safety glasses.

Related Item:

Bench Dog Feather Loc Bench Dog's feather boards. These are not my least expensive. They are the best.

These feather boards have the right amount of "give" to push material through smoothly and the right amount of "push" to hold material firmly against the fence. I have three different ways I sell them. Singly, like in the picture, doubles, and stacked.

Shop Safety

You may have noticed over the years that "Ken's picks" often are safety supplies. I'm going to take a few moments to remind you of some of the things that my Junior High School shop teacher said:

"First off. I've been teaching 12 year-olds to operate a tablesaw for 23 years. I have never had a student lose a finger. YOU WILL NOT BE THE FIRST." He said this in a loud, scary voice. And he said it often.

"You will use the guards on the tools."

"You will show me your cut line before you turn on the saw." By this, he meant:

  1. Where will the cut be on the wood?
  2. Where will your fingers be at the beginning of the cut?
  3. Where will your fingers be when the blade exits the wood?
Answering these questions WILL save you your fingers.

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