SawStop Cabinet Saw The Saw Stop Cabinet Saw

This is the finest table saw on the market. Oh, by the way, it has this safety feature. If you get your hand into the blade, the worst injury you'll get is a nick. If you haven't seen the video of the hot dog in the blade, click the player to the right. It is amazing.

As you watch this 8 second video, you will see (or not see) the blade disappear when it comes into contact with the hot dog. That's the amazing part.

The other part of Saw Stop is that it is a very fine table saw. We have one in our demo shop. It is the nicest saw we've ever used.

We offer the contractor, job site, and proffessional models of Saw Stop saws. As with all of our equipment, it is assembled and ready for use when you take it home.

In this longer video we get to watch the owner of the SawStop Company, Steve Gass, put his finger into the spinning blade. OUCH!

DO NOT do this at home