Craftsmenship Trending

Craftsmenship Trending 

Wood crafted furniture and home goods are trending! The popularity of wood crafted items comes in several parts, Sustainability, Uniqueness and Customizability.

Sustainability - As people are becoming more conscious of the life of products in their home, a lowering in popularity of big name stores and mass production today's consumers are looking for unique products that will last a lifetime.

Uniqueness - Hand crafted wood pieces offer variety and unique qualities as no two pieces are exactly the same. Bespoke pieces provided an opportunity of consumers to purchase items for their home that speak to their personality and add a deeper sense of connection between the piece, artist/craftsman and buyer.

Customizability - The great thing about hand crafted wood pieces is it's completely customizable. No matter the space shape, size, need or usability! This is especially popular with the rising trend of small or minimal living.

Not only is hand crafted wood furnature a long lasting, bespoke and sustainable piece to add to any home, it also helps support local craftsman and small businesses!

Looking for some quality pieces to add to your home? Check out these Washington local craftsman:

Stuart Welch Furniture

Makoto Imai

Authentic Woodcraft

Trinity River Marine



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