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Freud P410 Saw Blade From $1499.99

SuperMax Sanders

Perfect for the small shop or woodworking enthusiast, the SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander reduces the tedium of hand sanding, speeds up the sanding process, and produces more consistent results!

Easy Wood Tools Easy Wood Tools

Wow! Easy Wood Tools are absolutely beautiful. Shop jewelery that's genuinely useful and worth the cost. These guys machine some of the sweetest tools I've ever had in my hands. Come in and let me put them in your hands. You'll love them.

Featured Products:

Freud P410 Saw Blade tooth configuration We offer Freud table saw blades and router bits.

Freud’s Next Generation Premier Fusion featuring the radical new Fusion Trio Tooth Design is the most technologically advanced general purpose blade on the market! Freud has designed these unique blades with a new radical tooth design called “Fusion Trio” which combines a special grind for the top, sides, and face of each tooth.

Click here for more information.

State Park Sign Making Kit.

Rockler State Park Sign Making Kit

Rockler's new State Park Sign Making Kit offers the capability to produce letters with no gaps. It also gives the user more flexibility in spacing the letters so that the "kerning" looks better. Look at the picture below to see what this means.

Rockler State Park Sign Making Kit Go here to watch the video.

New Products:

In 2013, Ken's picks went to Festool's Carvex Jigsaw. Other excellent candidates included the Kreg K5 and Bessey's Auto-Adjust hold-down clamps. Rockler continued to innovate with their glue brushes and Mixing Mate. So many cool things, so little floor space.

Festool Carvex Jigsaw
Arrives 9/1/13

Festool Carvex This is simply the best jigsaw ever built.

Kreg K5
Arrives 9/1/13

Kreg K5 Fifth Generation Pocket Hole Jig.

The innovations are significant on this jig. See them here. Storage in the wings, snap lock height adjustment, ratcheting clamp. There's lots of reasons to up grade. I'll probably replace my old K2.

Bessey Auto-Adjust Clamp

Bessey Auto-Adjust Clamp

This clamp may make you rethink work-holding. It automatically adjusts gripping force for different thickness materials. I'm working on a physical display in the store to show the differences. Meanwhile, view Bessey's video here

Mixing Mate Wins Awards

Rockler Mix Mate $14.99

Rockler has won an innovation award for the Mixing Mate from Wood Magazine.

Go to see the press release.

A Mixing Mate locks onto your quart or gallon can, replacing the lid. When you need to use the finish, give it a stir and pour. They pour your finishes products like the syrup dispenser at the breakfast house. They are super easy to clean and maintain.

Bolt Action Pen Kits are Finally Here!

Bolt Action Pen Kits

I have finally gotten a small number of Bolt Action Pen Kits. Quantities are extremely limited and will be sold only in the store. These are super attractive and super popular. Get yours today.

Glue Brush from Rockler.

Rockler 45624 Silicone Glue Brush

This glue brush was Ken's Product of the Year.

Price is right at $3.99

Push Block from Bench Dog

The best push block EVER!
By Bench Dog


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We offer a wide range of equipment and supplies for hobby woodworkers and professionals alike.

  • We have an enormous selection of hardwoods from all over the world.
  • We offer equipment from Jet, Powermatic, Delta, General, and our favorite, Shop Fox
  • We have Lathes from all of the equipment suppliers
  • We offer turning tools from Robert Sorby, Robert Larson, and economy tools from Penn State.



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