PNW Craftsman Spotlight

Just north of Portland you’ll find this unique perspective on woodturning and crafting. John Furniss is a gifted woodworker who is entirely blind. In his bio, John describes what it’s like to conceptualize new project ideas. Not having always been blind, Jon parallels his craftsmanship to his journey through blindness. He states that “each project has brought its own challenge, much like navigating the landscape of a sighted world without sight”. John’s ability to take forms developed solely in his mind and translating those to tangible products brings “feeling” his art to the next level.

When John is not working in his shop, he can be found at public speaking engagements talking about his journey from sighted through blindness.

To find our more information about John and his incredible story visit his website at, or any of his Social Media accounts: Instagram (@theblindwoodsman), TikTok (@theblindwoodsman), Facebook (John Furniss, The Blind Woodsman) or Youtube (@The Blind Woodsman).