Dahlquist Construction

Beautiful live edge slab table tops crafted by Dahlquist Construction. These images are some of what Dahlquist Construction is currently working on. Such creativity in choice of materials for this project. Two of these project items are for a couple looking to enjoy a beautiful one of a kind dinning room and end table. They're planning to pair the dinning room table top with table legs they found. Very exiting project.

Dahlquist Construction specializes in live edge slabs, lumber, cabin kits, furniture, and more. Providing materials for small-businesses, one-off projects, DIY folks, and anyone looking to find excellent live edge slabs.

Dahlquist Construction is currently accepting orders for table projects.

Finishing materials for this project were acquired from Sumner Woodworker Store. If looking to perform a similar project on your own please contact us to learn more about how to accomplish a project like this. Acquire a slab or slabs from a provider like Dahlquist Construction and we'll help you find the right tools and products to create that show quality long-lasting finish.

Share your work to inspire woodworkers and woodcarvers or help sell your work by sending us images, a little about your project, yourself, and anything else you'd like to share. If you're overwhelmed with current orders you may request to remain anonymous. We will share your work and leave out your contact information.

Send your work here: support@sumnerwoodworkerstore.com