Furniture Society’s Award of Distinction awarded to Kristina Madsen

Kristina Madsen has been chosen as the 2020 recipient of the Furniture Society’s Award of Distinction. Madsen studied furniture making originally under David Powell, an English furniture maker in Massachusetts, and later with Fijian carver Makiti Koto. This leads to Madsen’s unique style, marrying European cabinetmaking with traditional Fijian carving.



Madsen is described as devoted and “taking great care of every detail of her designs”. Her beautiful pieces not only find their home in private residences but can also be found included in the permanent collections of several museums, including Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design; Yale University Art Gallery; Fuller Museum of Art, Massachusetts; Smith College Museum of Art, Massachusetts; Fine Arts Center, North Carolina State University; and the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian, Washington DC.

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