Great Gift Ideas for the Woodworkers and Woodturners in your life

Great Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Woodturners!

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HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set

Intermediate and professional turners will find the HSS Lathe Chisel Set Suitable. Featuring an 8piece set that takes care of the turning needs of all skill levels. It is ideal for both bulky and pen projects, the size of the lathe notwithstanding. Contained in the set are 8 fine chisels having elegant handles. And parcelled in an alluring wood exhibition box. If you are looking to turn large projects, this tool performs well. And smaller ones like spindle and bowls are also not left out. The blades are made of high-speed steel of 5-1/4-1 inches. These blades are more durable than the carbon counterpart. And will give you several more years of use.

Robert Sorby

Strong and quality. this tool is made from a ground polished alloy of steel. And provides free turning alongside with vibration. This modular tool has a round design, which provides a smooth surface that helps you glide your tools across your project with ease. The stems come in different diameters including “, “, ⅞”, ⅝”, 1″, 25mm, 28mm. These diameters are designed to fit most lathes. Especially, the most common of them. There are 6 different rests available. They include 4″, 6″ and 9″. 9″ has curved internal, curved external and a box platform used along with only one stem. The hardened cross bars freeze the possibility of nicks. And provides a smooth finish.

Savannah 7173 HSS Lathe

A complete tuning set with diverse applications, the Savannah 7173 is your one-stop shop. The steel is made of M2 high-speed steel which has a longer lifespan than standard carbon steels. It comes with 8 turning tools including parting tool, scraper, screw chisel, round nose scraper, bowl gouge, spindle gouge, spear scrape and roughing Gouge. The sets come with a wooden cover that you can close to protect the tools when you are not using it.

Professional Cabinet Saw

Professional Cabinet Saw

Each SawStop model is designed and engineered by woodworkers, for woodworkers. We take advantage of the freedom, and take on the obligation, to make a different and better tool. Our engineers avoid off-the-shelf components and old designs in favor of practical innovation.

Our engineers know that the right materials, whether cast-iron or steel, are just as important as advanced technology. And the right time to use advanced electronics is when they improve the experience of the operator, never for an advertising gimmick.


Blade Sharpening Service

blade sharpening

Happy blades make happy workers! Have blades sharpened with Sumner Woodworker Store. Blades can be sharpened often a few times before needing replacement, which is more affordable that buying new.